We manage the fundraising outreach, so you can focus on your cause.


We manage your fundraising outreach, so you can focus on your cause.


The Grassroots-Fund platform is an automated system that performs the direct grassroots fundraising functions so that the user has more time to focus on their mission and cause, instead of performing tedious fundraising tasks, saving time and money.

The values that Grassroots-Fund lives by is innovation, efficiency, and a sense of community.

The vision for the Grassroots-Fund platform is to be efficient and effective in performing the fundraising activities and streamlining the process through multiple platforms, automatically integrating all communications to achieve instant donations for the cause. 

The fundraising industry is growing due to the vast amount of nonprofits, organizations, individuals, companies and political campaigns that need to raise funds through grassroots methods.  Our platform is the only one of it's kind that specializes in grassroots fundraising, and Grassroots-Fund is constantly evolving to meet our clients’ needs. 

If you're a small organization, political party, NGO, or individual fundraiser that relies on grassroots practices to fund your efforts, Grassroots-Fund is the solution for you!


Top Features


The platform connects with the contacts in your phone and CRM and provides automated SMS messages.


The platform keeps track of all interactions and provides monthly reports to equip you with the data you need to make informed decisions about your campaigns.


Send drip campaigns with information about organization updates, events, and statistics to nurture potential donors via their inbox.

social media

By syncing with Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram, the platform sends out automated messages and posts across all platforms.